Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's the Big 0-4! Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!  Although I cannot picture you as a little boy, I imagine that you'd look a lot like Josiah only with darker curly hair like me. :)  When I think of you, I think of baby Jonas--not big boy Jonas.  I'm sad that I didn't get to know you as either a baby or a little boy.  I miss you dearly, I'm disappointed that you're not a part of our everyday family life, and I still think it's unfair what happened to us four years ago.  We experienced a terrible part of life.  It could have been worse, I suppose. Was there good that came of it?  You and I both know that Julien would not be here if you had not left.  However, I wish I could have all three of you boys alive and well in our new little house.  I suppose this is too deep of a conversation to be having with a four year old. :)  Happy Birthday, Jonas! Hope you enjoyed your party today and I hope you were able to snatch onto at least one of the balloons we sent up to you earlier.  I love you.