Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Officially on Team...

BLUE! Like I said in my announcement text his morning...So much for instincts! hahaha. I just laughed when the ultrasound tech told Josiah that he was going to have a little brother. She said exactly what was said when we found out Josiah was a boy--"That is DEFINITELY a boy!"

Am I disappointed? Nah. Surprised? YES! I was so sure this was a girl based on how different this pregnancy has been for me. I guess things just change with each subsequent pregnancy. We're super excited, of course. I was so sad when Josiah would no longer have a little brother to grow up with, and now that excitement is back. So what if I already put a ton of pink and purple cloth diapers on my amazon baby registry? I'll just have to change them all to blue and green. :)

So now I must say my goodbyes to the Juliana I have always pictured in my head, and welcome my new little boy into my life! I wasn't meant to have a daughter. Instead I have the wonderful opportunity to raise two boys who will know how to treat women and who will learn to be respectful and grateful for everything they're blessed with. It's going to be a fun adventure!


  1. Awwww I was wrong... LOL! So excited for you guys and so thrilled to see his sweet little pic :) Thinking of you lots and can't wait to see that sweet boy in your arms in pics... <3

  2. Congratulations!! What a sweet picture of him. also can't wait to see that sweet little boy in your arms!

  3. Hooray for team blue! Aren't we lucky that we get to be the mommies of all boys?! :) I am totally excited for you!